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Second graders researched animals on PebbleGo, wrote short informational texts, illustrated them, and posted them with the Blogger app.

Monday, January 30, 2017

White Peacocks

Whats white and has a lot of fevrs? Red my book to find out. White peacocks live in certain places like Sri Lanka.Allso peacocks like to eat seeads and berries . Now that you know about peacocks go see one at the zoo! Source pebble go.

Sabertooth Cats

I think that sabertooth cats are really cool because they have long teeth. Sabertooth cats are huge. They grew 3 feet tall. Their teeth are huge! They are long and sharp. Next, sabertooth cats eat meat. They eat big animals. Also, they lived millions of years ago. Sabertooth cats lived in small groups and took a lot of time catching food. 


What is cute has 4 legs and makes the sound roff? . A dog of course.
I will teach you about Bulldogs in my blog.
Did you no That Bulldogs are 12 to16 inches
30 to41 c.m tall ? A bull dogs head is too big for its body.       Also bulldogs have 4to5  puppy's .
 Bulldogs need  water and food twice a day.     P.s change your bulldog water twice a day.     

I hope you enjoyd learning about bulldogs and I hope you teach other people about bulldogs .


Friday, January 27, 2017


What eats juicy leafs and eucalyptus trees? A koala of course! Koalas are the size of a jellybean when their born.Thats my favorite fact about koalas. I'm going to teach you about koalas in my blog post. Koalas are 3 feet (1 meter). The newborn koala stays in a pouch 6 months. Koalas eat for 4 hours day and night. Also koalas live in Australia. They have big black noses. They also have gray fur. Koalas have big fluffy ears too. I hope you enjoyed learning about koalas with me. Have fun with a koala if you ever meet one!
Source pebble


Did you know koalas live in Australia? Koalas live 13 to 18 years.
Another fact about koalas. They eat for 4 hours every night.
Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves.
I've picked koalas because they are interesting.


What is cute and only lives in Australia? They are about 3 feet and some of them have pouches. They are koalas. Guess what? Koalas are the size of a jelly bean when they are born.
Koalas are marsupials. They are about 3 feet. Every night, koalas eat leaves off branches and sometimes off huge trees. Female koalas have pouches.
Also koalas live in Australia. When they eat they grab their food with their noses. Koalas mostly eat leaves and sometimes berries. I hope after reading this information you learned a lot about koala bears.  Koalas are cute and fuzzy.


Do you know what lives in a lagoon ans grows to be as long as a car? A crocodile of course!
Crocodiles eat large animals like pigs and deer.
Also it weighs 2000 pounds.
It lives for more than 50 years. 
Now you know a lot about crocodiles.
Source: Pebblego